WeWork rollercoaster

I’m personally really enjoying the rollercoaster story of WeWork taking place around us. Will be very interesting to see if their IPO goes ahead as planned or whether a few changes are in order beforehand!

Are you keen to jump into their IPO when it does eventually happen or are you going to take a spectator seat with me? :popcorn: :sunglasses:



An emphatic “Hell no” to participation for me unless valuation starts somewhere around the $10bn mark. Think that means its popcorn time! :popcorn::cup_with_straw::eyes:


Better get a large popcorn for the team :joy: it’s definitely one I’m keen to put in the watchlist but as for investing, their business model has a fair amount of risk. If they increase their rate of buying property / moving over to management agreements like the hotel industry has, rather than commercial lease agreements, it will become a lot more interesting :popcorn: :office:

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Could we see WeWork IPO with a new CEO? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Well it turns out no IPO at all… For now :roll_eyes:

It is always disappointing to see a founder lose control of their business, especially one that has become so successful under their leadership. Unfortunately greed isn’t always good in the business world, much to Gordon Gecko’s disgust i’m sure. :wink: