What do YOU want from an investment app?

Hi everyone!

I’ve created a new area purely for requests, ideas and must haves to make the Evarvest app your perfect trading & investment partner.

It’d be great to start some discussions here and hopefully we can move as many posts on this feed over to upcoming product features :blush:

Having some experience in forex trading (and using 5-6 different forex trading apps) I can tell you how a perfect trading app should look like for me.

Generally, the best mobile trading app I’ve used so far is cTrader (https://www.spotware.com/ctrader/trading/ctrader-mobile-trading-platform) - it has the best UX and features compared to all other apps.

Basing on that app and what I didn’t like in other apps, here’s my wishlist:

  1. Fast and easy authentication with a fingerprint/face id (where available) or a pattern and a possibility to disable the need for authentication for a period of time (e.g. 2 hours). I’ve seen apps that require providing 6-digit google authenticator code every time you open the app (!!!) or providing pattern even though you’ve just closed the app a minute ago.
  2. Being able to open multiple subaccounts in different/the same currency. Having multiple subaccounts in the same currency will allow me to allocate money for different goals (e.g. one for my son, another for my daughter, etc) separately. Being able to keep subaccounts in different currencies will allow me to diversify my portfolio and not only keep it in my local national currency.
  3. See my balance, equity and the current profit/loss at a glance. This is helpful if just open the app to see how my investments are going but don’t necessarily want to trade. See the screenshot from cTrader:
  4. Being able to easily find a particular stock/company/ETF by a number of parameters: name, category, tags, dividend yield, dividend date, average dividend yield paid out in the recent 3/5/10 years, price range, market cap, P/E ratio, etc. This will help finding the stocks that match a particular investor’s trading strategy.
  5. Having an easy way to group the stocks I’m interested in so I can observe them and come back later and buy them.
  6. Being able to create multiple portfolios. For example, I have a few different strategies for trading I can track each of them separately in a dedicated portfolio.
  7. Seeing all basic stock details right away when browsing stocks. The details may be: company name, share price, % return for the last 1/3/6 months (configurable), price chart for the last 1/3/6 months (configurable), stock currency/stock exchange it’s traded on.
  8. Have a nice set of trading features like:
    a) Price alerts on the observed stocks - a push notification when the price goes below a set threshold
    b) Grouping of different trades of the same stock - so if I was buying the same stock in small batches over the past few weeks I can easily track all of them as one group (and also be able to track individual batches). I can also sell all stocks with one tap or just sell a defined number of stocks.
    c) Seeing important events related to the stock (dividends, share splits/merges, quarterly reports etc) right on the price chart and being able to tap on them to see the details.
    d) See all open trades with their current return in %/value and be able to manage them easily.
  9. Having nice reports and charts for trading history. Here I actually really like the summary MetaTrader 4 is generating (see below). I’d like to see the chart of my equity curve as well as a bunch of useful statistics, like P/L ratio, min/avg/max loss/profit, etc. Together with the articles you’ll have in the knowledge base, these statistics will make a lot of sense even for beginner traders.
  10. Once we have features added for pensions, it would be great to show the results for the “pension portfolio” visually separated, yet also visible at a glance.

That’s pretty much it for now :slightly_smiling_face: If anything new comes to my mind, I’ll add it here.

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@bartosz.w Thank you so much for the detailed and comprehensive response! It’s really great to receive this kind of information especially when I see a few features that have already been built or are in the works :blush:

We already have fingerprint, face ID & pin codes built into the app, we haven’t considered pattern at this stage but if there is enough demand we can certainly add this to the roadmap. In terms of Authentication, we’ve decided against this for now as although it adds an extra layer of security, the user experience is also terrible. We’ll look at having this as an option in the future but not for launch. You will however have to re-enter your pin or scan your fingerprint with Evarvest even if you close for a minute. It’s purely for security measures in case you leave your phone unwatched, it would only take a minute for someone to access and make some unwanted actions if the app was unlocked! I will add to our list of possible future actions the ability to disable authentication however. :blush:

Sub accounts for different currencies is already in the works but as mentioned previously we won’t have this option available at launch. Different sub-accounts for children is a great idea though, I’ve seen this done by some companies in the USA and I think it’s a great way to educate kids from very early on while also allowing parents to build a small nest egg for them. We’ll look at adding this to our future roadmap for sure.

The main activity page of our app which is the first screen you see after logging in will provide you with a full snapshot of your portfolio. Upon launch you’ll be able to see your full portfolio balance, your wallet balance available for trading, your portfolio’s total performance as well as your portfolio’s daily result (past 24 hours). The total performance and daily result will automatically be displayed in currency form however these are clickable to toggle between currency and % statistics.

This is great information and I can’t say we’ll have all these parameters available for launch, with over 8,000 stocks there’s quite a bit of labor involved in categorisation :neutral_face: but we’re definitely aiming to work on this and add search options as often as possible. Upon launch we’re building out spotify style playlists for different industries, interests, world views, types of companies etc as well as having a full search function to either search for what you want, search by industry, price, stock exchange, country etc. It’s great to know the parameters you’d like to see in the app so we can work on including them.

This is where our watchlist feature will come in handy! Here you can add stocks to your watchlist that you aren’t necessarily ready to buy however would like to keep a keen eye on. Upon launch the watchlist will show you the date the stock was added, it’s performance since adding to the watchlist and obviously all the standard information like yearly, daily performance, 52 week high/low, full graph data for up to 3 years as well as a description of the company operations and live news feed.

We have had a few requests for a feature such as this so it’s certainly on the roadmap. I couldn’t provide an estimation date at this stage as there are features that have been prioritised over this at the moment.

All this information will be available on the stock page in a simple and easy to read format. No need for searching or lots of scrolling. The only difference is that the data at launch will be presented in Daily, Monthly, Yearly and 3 Yearly configurations rather than the requested 1/3/6 months. However the graph’s are easy to understand so determining this performance from the monthly graph will not be difficult.

  1. Have a nice set of trading features like:
    a) Price alerts on the observed stocks - a push notification when the price goes below a set threshold Great idea and something we’re definitely investigating at the moment.
    b) Grouping of different trades of the same stock - so if I was buying the same stock in small batches over the past few weeks I can easily track all of them as one group (and also be able to track individual batches). I can also sell all stocks with one tap or just sell a defined number of stocks. This is a new one for us but certainly sounds interesting, close to launch we’ll create a channel on the community where users can upvote certain features so we’ll definitely include this one.
    c) Seeing important events related to the stock (dividends, share splits/merges, quarterly reports etc) right on the price chart and being able to tap on them to see the details. We’re working on our dividend setup at the moment and this is a great idea.
    d) See all open trades with their current return in %/value and be able to manage them easily. All open trades will be clearly visible on your main portfolio page. Here you’ll be able to clearly see the stock name, your % return and your currency value without having to click onto the stock. Underneath this you’ll also have a section called Past Investments which will outline all your past investments with the returns you achieved clearly shown. These can be kept there or deleted if preferred.

That’s a great point about educating beginner traders about what these statistic means. Upon launch the data will be a little simpler to what is shown on Meta 4 simply due to the fact that we feel these sorts of graphs are very overwhelming to first time traders and do not make a lot of sense. We are working on added features for more sophisticated traders such as yourself which will include these sorts of statistics, we’re hoping to launch this early in 2020.

Definitely! Pension portfolios will have their own area to ensure there is no confusion here, we have big plans for the pension space so watch this space :blush:

Thanks again for your time and comprehensive response! It really means a lot to receive feedback in such great detail!

That’s great you like my feedback. I’d love to have Evarvest as my favourite trading app! :slightly_smiling_face:

The other thing that would be great and I’ve seen that in the Betterment app (at least by reading their blog) is that when you try to sell the shares the app will tell you first what are the possible tax implications and how that will influence the overall % return of the porftolio.
This could be calculated automatically basing on the trading history for the current year and the tax rules specific to the user. So if the user has a loss this year there won’t be any tax as long as the profit is lower than the loss.

As you know, all the trading commissions and taxes influence the overall % return and it just adds up over time. As an investor, you should take a long-term approach (especially when trading for your pension fund) and minimize the fees and taxes to make the ROI as high as possible. Of course, this will depend on your actual returns from trading stocks, but you should always seek to minimize the costs involved in the trading.

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Totally agree with you @bartosz.w on the long-term approach to investing.

We’re actually working on ‘Tax Packs’ for The Library which will help investors understand how tax will affect them and their portfolios when trading. We’ll have them for each market we’re launching in. Obviously these will be a guide only and it’s still best to speak with an accountant or tax advisor :wink: but it will be a good start.

Love the idea of integrating this into the app though so it’s more of an automated process. I’ll discuss this further with the team for a future feature and how best to structure it.

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I think, down the road, it would be awesome to have notifications for the news handled by AI. It would notify the user only about the most important news that may influence the stock price.
For example, something bad happened in company X (e.g. its factory exploded). As soon as there’s a news about it in the news feed the AI recognizes it’s important and it’s a bad news and sends a push notification to the user’s smartphone.
This would apply to all companies the user has invested in and also the ones on the watchlists. It’s impossible for an investor to read all the news about every company they’re interested in so it would greatly help them staying on top of it.


It would be like your personal AI advisor! :slight_smile:

This would be a very cool feature to have, the way the news operates at the moment is that it will display the latest news based on the stocks you own or are watching so technically if something bad happens and it’s in the media you will know about it. But there is definitely some room to expand this further with AI in the future, AI is something we’re really excited to look at in more depth as we grow and have the resources to spend a bit more time on.

Yeah, having an AI personal assistant/advisor, not only for the news but also e.g. for stock picking, basing on the investor’s preferences, would be a real pro feature.


Are you going to have volume data for all the stock exchanges that will be available in the app?


@bartosz.w We have access to live volume data for the US markets already however are still in the process of obtaining access for UK & European stocks. We’ve left it out of the launch edition of the app on this basis but it’s one of the first additions we’ll be adding in alongside other additional data too.

It’s an important stat to have access to I think, so I’d certainly like to see it in there soon myself :slight_smile:

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There’s a couple features I find missing in some other brokers.

  1. A clear transactional account view, to see all the deposits, withdrawals and portfolio transactions with fees and saldo amount for each. Interactive Brokers and some others that are short term trading oriented, are missing this.
  2. It would be perfect if you would support instant SEPA payment standard. More and more banks are allowing to place instant SEPA payments. Other instant topup methods like sofort, ideal, trustly are nice, but often aren’t free, and have very low limits.
  3. Ability to automate portfolio purchases. Let’s say, I want to define a 2 or 4 ETF target portfolio I want to purchase every month at a market price, or maybe ±10% within market price I’m seeing now. A possibility to automatically buy all of ETFs in a portfolio in one go upon receiving a direct debit or incoming payment, and a possibility to buy just one position in a portfolio (whichever is furthest away from its target ratio in a portfolio) would be ideal to have. It’s a popular feature at US brokers, but few EU brokers support this (exception being Germany’s “sparplan” accounts). That would also be super good for you to be able to compete with the simplicity of ETFMatic offering.
  4. Export to excel of all ETF lots with tax base and commissions, for tax purposes
  5. Further in the future - portfolio in/out transfers :wink:

And one more thing: make clear explanations where the investment positions are deposited at, what would happen in case something happens to Evarvest, including IT breakdown and insolvency etc. There’s lots of discussions on the internet regarding reliability and opaque company structures for some discount brokers like Degiro, and they are probably not doing enough to explain. Evarvest is a startup and would have quite a lot of people’s money, possibly in quite a few cases savings for retirement, so naturally these questions will be important.

That brings to another question - quite a lot of fintech startups that aren’t banks have limits on money amount that can be held in account, monthly and yearly limits of transfers. Are there going to be any limits at Evarvest?


Thanks for sharing @SilvereX! It’s great to have an understanding of what everyone would like to see in the app so we can make it the ultimate investing tool. I’ve responded below to let you know where we are currently in terms of your feature requests :relaxed:

This is something we’re working on as I also find most of the investment apps I’ve used lack in this area as they don’t think it’s important. The current functionality which is already built for our launch will clearly display all your deposits, withdrawals, buys, sells, pending orders as well as cancelled orders. You will be able to click on any of the transactions to bring up a full page view of all the details including fees paid. We’ve decided to have these clickable for further information to avoid a small app screen feeling overwhelmed with information. On the activity page you are also able to download a statement with one click which is instantly emailed to you. This will cover all of the above information including saldo in a simple A4 table format. Once we launched and you’ve had a play around it’d be great to understand whether this works for you or what you’d prefer to see here :slight_smile:

We’re currently working on introducing SEPA with our payment partner Currencycloud which will enable instant deposits and withdrawals from supported bank accounts. Upon launch you’ll be able to fund your account via bank transfer and we will have two withdrawal options being express or standard.

We’ve already partnered with an additional payment partner so that we can provide Visa, Mastercard debit card funding as well as Apple & Android pay. They have the infrastructure already for Sofort however we haven’t made a decision on whether to integrate this just yet. I do personally like the Trustly functionality and we have been speaking with them, however it’s not the right time for a partnership with them until we’ve launched and have a bit more scale.

Thanks for sharing this one! I’ll definitely look into sparlan to see how they work. I’ve looked into ETFMatic already so know their product well. We have had a few requests for automation and while it’s certainly something we have on our roadmap it’s not something we’re looking at as an immediate feature. We’ll be working on automated notifications initially which perhaps have a similar function however wouldn’t automatically place the trade for you. There’s a lot of compliance work that goes into automated trades and so we need some time to properly plan out this feature before we’ll put it into production. Hopefully 2020 :wink:

As mentioned above, you’ll be able to download a full transactional statement whenever you wish from within the app. You’ll also receive a full statement automatically for tax purposes every 3 months. It would be great to understand exactly what you’d find useful on these statements so we can make sure we plan this into our roadmap.

Hopefully we won’t see too many out transfers :wink: but it’s certainly something we’re looking at for the near future to ensure an easy and streamlined onboarding for those who would like to join us and bring their portfolio with them!

This is a great point you’ve made @SilvereX and we will have a section on this in our Help Centre for when we launch, we’re also looking to release a series of posts in ‘The Library’ on our website shortly which will help you understand how your money & investments are kept safe.

In terms of licencing we’re going to be licenced by the Bank of Lithuania & also the FCA in the UK which are the same regulatory bodies that licence your mainstream banks. This means we will meet the same requirements and regulations that your main bank has to adhere to.

On top of that, all client funds will be held and protected by Currencycloud in London which is a licenced e-money institution in the UK under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). I have actually written a blog post about them here which outlines why we’re working with them and also who they already work with as they’re trusted by many big name global companies already (https://www.evarvest.com/thelibrary/who-is-currencycloud-why-have-we-partnered-with-them).

With any investments you make through the Evarvest application, they’re also held and backed by external custodians (A custodian bank, or simply custodian, is a specialized financial institution responsible for safeguarding a firm’s or individual’s financial assets and is not engaged in “traditional” commercial or consumer/retail banking) and so even if anything was to happen to Evarvest :disappointed: your investments would be protected and could simply be transferred to a new broker of your choosing.

We will essentially have the same security and risk management practices as the big banks but without the high fees :blush:

In terms of limits we are not required to place any limits on our users and once we are fully operational we are not planning to either. We will upon launch and during testing have some limitations set purely to ensure our functionality is perfect and our trading liquidity is managed however we plan to remove these limitations as soon as we can. Our partners are fully licenced as we will be to work with even the most sophisticated investors. We will however place our own compliance limitations in some instances which are yet to be confirmed exactly. As an example, for investors who perhaps would like to use Evarvest to fund more than 100,000 Euros in any given year we may simply ask for a few more details from you to ensure we comply with our Anti-Money Laundering policy. We are here to help build your financial future, not limit it after all :wink:

Everything sounds good. Looks like you have thought out many things!
Now, good luck launching soon :slight_smile:

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Hi there, I’m not sure if this is already a confirmed feature but I would like to see fractional shareholding if this will become my main investing platform, love the look of the platform!

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Thanks for the kind words @zachyal! Glad you love the look :blush:

Fractional shares are certainly in our roadmap although we won’t have this available for our launch.

Welcome to the community also :rocket:

Sorry if I’m asking a question that’s been asked before, but -

Is your roadmap public?

When is your planned launch (and will it be Europe wide from day 1)?



@DataNerd we’re pretty excited for our launch this year :laughing: we’re still working on a few final features and will be holding some internal focus groups to test the app here in Vilnius over the next few months - with over 9,000 stocks, there’s a lot for us to test. We’ll also be waiting on our licence approvals, so until approved, we can’t share a beta version that allows trading with real money, only virtual money.

There’s quite a few eager to test so we’ll be sharing more information about our beta launch soon.

We won’t be Europe wide from day one, there’s a process to passporting our license and a few tweaks to our tech to make sure we comply with local regulations in the markets we expand into.

Our public roadmap is coming! :laughing:


Hi @StephBrennan, could you clarify a bit about licensing? How does this passporting work? If I’m allowed to open a foreign bank account can’t I just open a Lithuanian account with Evarvest from day 1, even if I’m a resident of some other EU country? Why would my jurisdiction have to give permission for me to do business in another country?