What would you invest in if you have 100,000 Euros? Let's play the game :)

Hey Guys, I hope you had a great weekend :slight_smile:

Yesterday I had a barbecue with my friends and one of the subjects we discussed was what would we invest in if we had 100,000 Euros free for investing :money_with_wings::moneybag::money_mouth_face:

I thought this could be a nice game to post on our community forum, so here we go! :rocket::rocket::rocket:

Let’s play the imaginary investing game. Finish the following sentence: If I have 100,000 Euros free for investing, I would invest them in …….

I would invest in stocks of my favourite companies, including Virgin, Apple & Netflix :airplane::space_invader: :tv: via Evarvest of course :wink:

Looking forward to your answers!


If I had 100,000 Euros to invest I’d invest in a few different areas.

I’d put a portion into stocks (via Evarvest of course too :slight_smile: ), namely Atlassian (been a long time believer in them), Boeing (they’ve had a rough year but I really believe that they’re the leader in the airline space at the moment and it’s only a matter of time before they bounce back) & Intuitive Surgical (the future of medicine with robotics).

I’m also a firm believe in property and so would certainly look at an investment in this space, although in most areas 100,000 Euros wouldn’t give an outright purchase, it’s certainly a good start.

I also really like the idea of crowdfunding and would love to invest more myself into other startups, helping others achieve their visions of changing the world for the better! :rocket:


I would treat these €€€ just like the rest of money I’m investing at the moment and allocate them in different classes of assets (less or more aggressive).
As I’m still quite young :slightly_smiling_face:, but also have a family to feed, I would take an approach of dividing the total amount into 2 parts: 50% going into an aggressive portfolio and the other 50% going into a safe portfolio.

In the safe part, I would invest ~30% (€30k) in a property for long-term rent (you can still buy small flats in smaller cities in Poland for that amount), and the other 20% in ETFs that track different stock indexes in the developed countries around the world.
In the aggressive part, 30% would go into buying stocks (not sure which companies exactly, I would need to make some screening first), and the other 20% would top-up my forex account.
Of course, I would be buying ETFs and stocks via Evarvest to avoid excessive fees.


If I had 100,000 euros I would create a Portfolio following specific characteristics:

The first section would be divided into:

  1. dividend stocks
  2. growth stocks

The second section would be divided into:

  1. derivative products to hedge a large portion of my open positions
  2. primary market offerings (The private equity market has grown substantially in the last decade)

Im more of a macro trader so I would only hold long term positions and I would invest in these industries: Genomics, Disruption in communications with 5G, frictionless lending companies, companies that would be involved heavily with IoT and supply chain disruption, probably corporations that are developing AI and deep learning for robotics and also Augmented Reality.

For percentages, I would have to look at risk management, financials, industry data, and management reports.


Keep at least 10 years. No hedging, but I adjust that the stock prices go down when interest rates rise.

First, a smaller percentage via Evarvest. How does it feel? How does the company act?
Is Evarvest creating sustainable growth and profitability?,…


One thing for sure I would do with such money, is that I would invest them gradually in several or more years, without doing any sharp movements.


Love the slow and steady approach @Balticmustache. As history shows, (in most cases) even after substantial drops in the market it generally comes back stronger. All it takes is a little patience :wink:

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Hi Afonso - interesting answer as I’ve had similar thoughts to you.

Does Evarvest have any plans to allow investors to trade derivatives at some point, including futures and options?

Also, what ETFs or companies do you prefer in the Genomics, 5G, lending, IoT, AI and AR space?

Cheers, Mike.


Hi @Mikebro4,

We do already have access to Options and Futures through our partners. These are much more sophisticated products and require more compliance, so for now, we don’t have these on our roadmap. However, we’ve had a few requests for these, and we do want to adapt to feedback, so it is a consideration for us to include these on our roadmap for the more sophisticated version of the app that we will expand into. We’ll keep you posted.

In regards to the ETF’s, I would rather pick a stock from the industries that I mentioned and watch the space closely to see what emerging companies would pop up with “good ideas”. But if I couldn’t find a stock that I would want to invest, I would look into analysts that are specialized in those areas and what breakthroughs are being made.
Although there is a particular investor that I like to catch up with her interviews and talks, it’s Catherine D. Wood, she is the CEO of Ark Invest, they have some amazing investment content.

My hand pick stock is AMD (their Ryzen processors are way better than Intel), Qualcomm for being a semiconductors maker in 5G, Morningstar Inc for investment data analytics. In regards to IoT and VR/AR I would pick Google, by far the biggest giant in software and AI/deep learning or just private equity market for these industries.

Companies are staying private for longer periods of time before IPO, so I would definitely look there for some serious ROI in all these industries.

I would also have a little portion of my money to speculate on every single project/company that Elon Musk is involved, especially SpaceX and the Boring Company. I do like Tesla but only as a convertible bond.

If you have any other question Mike feel free to ask, cheers.


Thanks for the info, Afonso.

Yeah, options and futures would certainly be an interesting idea for the sophisticated level. I’ve been trading derivatives for a year now, but wish I’d started using derivatives, particularly options, 5 years ago. If you manage to form a strong, educated community and have the right educators then you could even look to release (paid?) advanced learning material to subscribers and have some kind of a (paid?) telegram chat group for educators to guide and users to learn and swap ideas real-time. If used correctly, options can certainly be a great tool to enhance returns and protect portfolios!

I’d never heard of Catherine, but I’ll bookmark her and read some of her material - thanks.

Amd and Qualcomm are also on my watchlist - but I’m awaiting a re-trace. Will be keeping an eye on earnings release this week. I’ve become very interested in the disruptive space so if you have any more ideas I’d be keen to hear more! Also, any ideas you have on China plays would be interesting to hear.

Cheers, Mike.


Hey @Mikebro4 ,

Derivatives are very complex products that the majority of the investment community does not know how to properly use them, and we will try our best to educate investors through our Library (https://www.evarvest.com/thelibrary). Have you checked it out?

Derivatives were created for - speculation, risk management/cover risk and arbitrage and so you have countless ways to protect your portfolio like a protective put (Options) or a covered call (Options as well) or using arbitrage like cash-and-carry or reverse cash-and-carry in Futures, and so on. It’s very mathematical and sometimes very tricky to find the right derivative strategy.

(Some other strategies that you can research in the meanwhile :wink: - Synthetic long stock, Bull Call Spread, Bull put spread, Long straddle, short straddle, long strangle, short strangle, long butterfly, the condor, covered combination, box spread, reverse iron condor, strap and put ratio spread),
But we will in time add a lot of content that can help more sophisticated traders/investors.

I agree with the retrace but im more of a macro trader, and I always find ways to protect my Portfolio against systematic risks like a recession or downsize risk even, so I just invest with protection for the long term.

In regards to disruptive industries and more opportunities im actually in the sidelines just watching the development to see what companies can take the best approach. Although im looking into companies that can improve supply chains. Regarding China, I see a slowdown or a steady growth for the next decades I would rather be riskier and research other emerging markets.

Cheers, any other questions you already know, feel free to ask.


If I had 100k, I would invest 50k to All-World ETF, 35% to Emerging Markets ETF and 15% to Russel 2000 ETF. The portfolio would cover wide range of companies including the small-cap ones that tend to grow faster. :slight_smile:

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