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Last weekend we sent out our 5th ‘What’s Going On?’ newsletter, summing up the previous fortnight in the markets and the world of investing. :rocket:

So far from our newsletter surveys and reply emails it’s been well received by everyone. I wanted to ask our community directly whether you’re all enjoying them also and whether you have any feedback for us with the direction they’re heading?

Feel free to private message me if you’d prefer to remain anonymous :wink:

Here are links to the last 5 if you haven’t read them, if you’d like them sent to your inbox each fortnight just let me know!

Newsletter 5
Newsletter 4
Newsletter 3
Newsletter 2
Newsletter 1

They are really helpful to get the general overview of the global economics. Written in a really friendly and simple language should also be helpful for the people who are beginners in investing.
For me personally though, they are a bit too long to read and I would prefer subscribing to a podcast where you can explain these things while I’m doing other things in the meantime.

Having an Evarvest podcast, not only for the “What’s going on” series, but maybe also about other financial, trading, investing, and personal finance ideas would be awesome!


Great to hear you’re enjoying the content and the way they’re written! We have had a few comments on the length and so we’re going to test out some different methods of presenting them. Since some of the content is really difficult to shorten we thought we’d offer some shorter/sharper versions in the newsletter with links to read the more in depth text if desired. Will help to shorten the newsletters and still provide the same easy to understand information while still including the full posts for those who want them. It’s 50/50 in terms of who wants shorter versions and who wants longer according to our feedback channels.

I think it would be great to have an Evarvest podcast, perhaps listed on Spotify someday in the future! I’ll bring it up with the team in our next product meeting and perhaps get it on the roadmap for the future :rocket:

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