Where would you invest as a beginner?

Hi. Let’s say I have 100 euro per month that I want to invest. I know it is small amount, but still I prefer to do so rather to put in saving account with low procentage. Thanks

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As for a beginner, I would suggest to invest in ETF’s to get feel of the process.
VOO, VNQ, SPY, etc.

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I would suggest investing it to the books first, reading about stock market and understanding it better. :slight_smile:

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I think books are a great place to start too @HonestFIRE :blush: No better way to learn how to invest than through other’s experiences.

ETFs are a great way to diversify if you’re not confident on a particular stock but it’s really up to you on where you’re comfortable investing. I prefer to pick companies or ETFs I actually understand or know about, but that’s just my preference :wink:

@Sandrish, I also think 100 a month is a great place to start. Every bit counts! I love the saying, looking after the penny’s and the pounds will look after themselves… so never underestimate the power of slow and steady investing.