Why Do You Invest? 💪📈

From the very beginning of the Evarvest journey, our core focus has been on solving investment education-related issues and helping people around the world to start investing.

But we know that nothing is as compelling as stories from real people. So, please share your story with us! Why did you start investing? What is your ultimate goal from investing?

I started to invest when I realised that although I earned quite well, I didn’t have any savings and, what’s more, I didn’t do anything to make my money work for me!

That was the turning point, that has totally changed my approach towards money and investing. I work hard, and I want my money to work hard for me as well :slight_smile:

And as for the goal - well, it might sound as a cliche, but I’m saving & investing to secure myself a calm and safe future :slight_smile:

Due to the low level of pensions, the majority of Polish pensioners :older_man::older_woman: suffer from the lack of money and the quality of their lives most often depends on their families, which is no good…

In short: my goal is to save/have enogh money to be able to secure myself a calm and good future (with some interesting travels probably ;)) :palm_tree::sunny::ocean:

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Thanks for sharing @Magda! We share a same common goal! :muscle:

I too had a similar moment when I was younger, realising that although I was earning decent money… I was having too much fun with it and wasn’t saving for my future :wink: It’s why I’m so passionate about financial education now, I don’t want anyone to make the same mistakes I did!

Realising my mistakes was the moment I thought it was time to start putting the money I earnt to work to ensure I had a secure financial future without having to rely on my pension (superannuation in Australia).

It actually becomes quite addictive once you have that mindset shift, putting money aside and watching it grow funnily enough is far more exciting than spending it I find :crazy_face:

Hopefully in the future I’ll be able to have the holidays and a few treats here and there without the stress of whether I can afford it :rocket:

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So true @MitchKerr!!! I totally agree :slight_smile:

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That’s a very interesting question, my story might be a little different because for me it was a change of mentality and my reality overall. I think it wasn’t one single event in my life but it was a set of events that created a need that previously I didn’t have. I might say it was the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” - Robert T. Kiyosaki, or that it was a course that I did on Financial Analysis before I entered University or even something else.

I do have different motivations from the majority of the people, I don’t really focus too much on investing for the future and saving, my approach is more related to being enthusiastic about financial markets. I do like to invest in products that I use and need in my daily life.

Investing takes part in the creation of economic value for a country’s GDP, it’s a requirement for companies to succeed and being part of that process and helping entrepreneurs to create value and turn into reality their visions is something that I always found fascinated since I was a kid.

I was always very successful in the markets since i started at 18 years, either trading Forex using Scalp trading or trading futures of commodities, I never really thought too much on the amount of return I was getting but the pleasure itself.

It’s just so fascinating how the financial markets work.

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That’s a really cool reason to be investing and thanks for sharing @AfonsoCasanova!

The idea of being the driving force enabling companies and entrepreneurs to create value and turn their visions into reality is a really great reason to be investing. This might even change my mindset towards how and what I invest in!