Will local fintechs die out? 💀

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Happy to share with you that @StephBrennan will be the guest of the nearest Wolves Summit LinkedInLive interview, where she’ll be speaking about a new generation of Fintechs that are going global from day one. If you’re interested, check it out tomorrow morning :date:, 11 AM CET, at https://cutt.ly/fysO5ZK

Using this opportunity, it would be great to know what is our community members’ opinion on this phenomena? Are you following the fintech scene in your countries? If yes, do you observe a lot of fintechs following the trace of globally accessible companies like Slack, Uber or Spotify? :thinking:


It’s a whole fintech event being held online so anyone who’s looking for something to do tomorrow and interested in Fintech make sure you tune in! I believe they have speakers going all day at that link.

Hey @MitchKerr the actual Wolves Summit event is on Thursday and I think you have to pay for having an access to all of discussions, etc. :wink: The above link directs you to the Wolves Summit LinkedIn profile, where they broadcast their LIVE interviews with their guests :tv::microphone: So make sure to watch @StephBrennan tomorrow morning at 11 am CET :wink:

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Sorry for the misinformation! My bad :man_facepalming: