Will you have a Beta version of the app?

Yes, of course! :smile:

We’re just finalising the development of a few keys features and then we’ll be releasing it for testing to those who’ve signed up to our beta program!

Until we receive our licence approval, the beta version of our app will be fully functional with ‘play money’ only, but this will be the perfect opportunity to plan out your investment strategy for the ‘real money’ launch :smile:

If you would like to be a part of the beta program you can add you name to the list here - https://beta.evarvest.com/

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I invested using one email, but registered for the beta a while ago using another email.

I read investors will get access first, will you just email everyone on Seedrs directly? Can’t wait to try it out

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Yep, once the crowdfund is completed we’ll be reaching out to all investors directly so don’t worry if you’ve used a different email address. :blush:

We’re super excited to share it with you too! Looking forward to any feedback both positive & negative so we can make it perfect for launch! :rocket::facepunch:

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Can we make it super easy on the beta app to report issues, track key information such as device being used and be able to highlight the potential problem areas.

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Hey @vekariya17, We’ve done a lot of research into this and have decided to build in a program called Instabug (https://instabug.com/) which is basically an in-app feedback and reporting tool. The onboarding screens when you sign-up to the app will make it’s functionality clear however in simple terms you just need to shake your phone and the reporting window will pop up making it easy to submit a screenshot and write a brief note about the error you’re facing. :blush: This will be sent directly to our customer service team to manage and action with the tech team.

We’re also going to include a bug reporting area on our community here with a simple pre-loaded template (thanks to your previous suggestion!) and users who prefer the simpler methods can also notify us through the in-app chat and/or directly via email.

Would love to know your feedback on whether this sounds like a good process for you as a potential user? :slightly_smiling_face:

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This sounds like a very clever and useful way of reporting issues…


Thanks @Afreeb, that’s really good to hear!

Glad to hear @Afreeb, we really wanted something that was super easy for users but also didn’t take away from the user experience of the app. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, any updates on a potential beta release date yet?

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Hey @Lew,

We’re still working on a few things before we’ll release a beta version of the app. We’re holding a few focus groups here in Vilnius around September/October to iron out the kinks and then we’ll be inviting all our Seedrs investors to give it a go and start some feedback dialogue :relaxed:

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Shame you aren’t doing anything in London :frowning: good luck with it.

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It’s not off the cards yet but being located in Vilnius it makes sense for us to hold our initial focus groups here as we have the space at our office :slight_smile:

We’re definitely looking to hold some events in the UK & across Europe early next year after we’ve launched :rocket:

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Awesome, will look forward to hearing what happens in the future :slight_smile:

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