Your investment pick for the next decade 📅

If you invested $1,000 in Adobe back in 2009 you’d have a nice investment worth around $8,500 today. That time machine would sure come in handy right about now! :joy:

What’s your stock pick for 2019 if you’re planning on holding it for the next 10 years?



Definitely a tricker, more uncertain investment environment today. If I had to pick, it would be Orsted and the iShares Automation & Robotics ETF.

I wouldn’t be expecting 850% returns over a decade in public equity markets, though…

Maybe if there’s another global financial crisis :crazy_face:


Right now i’d probably buy Atlassian. No real financial reason around it other than they’ve always done me very well with steady increases over the past 2 years. Also have to support an Aussie homegrown company :wink:

Would have been nice to pick something like Amazon about 20 years ago with a 100,000% increase! :heart_eyes:


Tough choice, :thinking: I think it will be interesting to see where Facebook ends up in 10 years. They’re well positioned to become a telco and that space needs disruption. I also think the work they’re doing with the unbanked could yield them significant market share. As a company, they’re highly profitable and from a sustainability perspective, they’re the largest corporate buyer of renewable energy. If they can solve their privacy issues, they could become more of a powerhouse and do a lot of good with that influence.


They say that we are close to a recession!
Well, it’s a hard time to predict the future.


Tough time to pick @GeiaHara :neutral_face: Could be some good investment opportunities coming up soon!


I would go with Facebook.
My 3 best picks are here:


Facebook certainly has some interesting plans on their books (let alone what we don’t know about :wink:) Certainly one to watch.

Thanks for sharing the post too! Interesting read :relaxed: