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Hey Vekariya17! :innocent:

Happy Friday and thanks for sharing!

They’re tackling a great issue, as often retail investors can’t get access to the same quality of data that institutional investors get access to!

Competition is a great thing that ultimately benefits the consumer! If more data driven insights are what you’d like to see in the Evarvest app, let us know.

This raises a great point around using data to make your investment decisions, it’s important to consider more than just the financial numbers - they’re super important but so are consumer trends. Amazon, for example, isn’t profitable but their stock price has still increased by 134,000% over the last 10 years. :star_struck:


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What apps or services would you recommend?

Simply Wall St.
Atom Finance

Something where you can track portfolio, get news feeds and alerts…

The dream would be this is all in one app being Evarvest of course :wink:

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You’ve hit the nail on the head with my two favourites.

I think Simply Wall St has a really interesting setup and from someone who still has plenty to learn on investing I find their user experience and the way they communicate data really easy to understand. I’m a very visual person so I like their snowflake style stock analysis charts. I’m a little biased though as they started and have their head office just down the road from where I’m from in Sydney.

Atom Finance is a great tool too considering it’s totally free (I believe?). I know @AfonsoCasanova and @HarshP use it themselves. Kind of like a mini bloomberg terminal on your phone :slight_smile:

Wallmine ( is also not a bad product for research, I receive their daily emails and there’s plenty of good info there. The product itself has some useful features in their free account but it can get steep quite quickly on the paid products compared to what else is out there.

I know Genuine Impact has some serious discounts on their product right which could be worth a look. Personally I haven’t really taken a deep dive into their new app yet to comment on the offering. Either way I think what they’re trying to achieve as with the above companies is fantastic as younger generations really need some direction on investing to ensure they survive retirement. You can’t buy a house for $30,000 anymore :wink:

The long term vision is to offer Evarvest as a single package that covers everything investing :muscle: so who knows what the future will bring :relaxed: We’ve already got the news feeds at least!